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We provide

building databases from scratch, anti-spam support, ensuring successful email deliverability, campaign management, arranging appointments and also running them by sales masters.

B2B sales growth

Having poor results with your outbound campaigns? Or maybe your sales team isn’t up to speed with basic sales concepts (not to mention advanced ones). Maybe you’re not sure  how to run a good outreach campaign, or you just don’t have the resources to run one. Especially when today there is no place for inbound or trade fairs today.

What do we offer?

  • Identified ideal prospects and best channels to connect with them
  • Fresh list of prospects weekly for cold email campaigns
  • Outbound results – optimized email content 
  • Campaign operations outsourcing 
  • Email campaign automation
  • Anti-spam content and tech optimization
  • Weekly reports
  • CRM integration

Maximum email deliverability

You’ve had experience with cold email campaigns….but the reality didn’t really meet your expectations? Do high bounce rate, a low open rate or a low response rate keep you up at night? Feeling like your emails are great – at finding spam folder?

How we can help:

  • Anti-spam support
  • Email “Warm-up” method
  • GDPR and e-privacy compliance
  • Spam recovery tactics
  • Email and campaign deliverability improvement

LinkedIn lead gen essentials

You’ve heard that LinkedIn is the go-to place for Lead Generation… but your account doesn’t seem to bring you the numbers (and contacts) you were hoping for? Don’t know where to start – or how to even use the available tools?

Let us level up your LinkedIn outreach:

  • Defining best target lists
  • LinkedIn research process optimization
  • Sending meaningful connection requests
  • Sourcing Leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • LinkedIn 3rd party integrations 
  • LinkedIn automation


You’ve heard a lot about GDPR and maybe thought it was just politics…but then you read about Google, British Airways, Marriott and other large companies being fined millions of dollars for not being GDPR compliant. Do stories about one email costing small companies 10 to 20 thousand euros – for not being clear with legal requirements stop you from running your campaigns and closing potential deals?

Get GDPR – compliant and confident – with us:

  • Providing comprehensive services regarding implementing GDPR and e-privacy requirements in your Company or adapting it to new data processing activities
  • Developing and maintaining privacy policies and procedures;
  • Proactively identifying and mitigating potential privacy related risks;
  • Providing data protection training;
  • Conducting Data Privacy Impact Assessments

Prospecting process implementation

You would love to have your own in-house outbound team but your experience with building such a department has not been great. You weren’t able to find good quality specialists – and even with promising (people) the results were really poor. You’re left wondering what caused them to burn out and leave your company? 

Let us help you build your effective outbound team:

  • On-boarding the prospecting specialist
  • Defining steps and documentation for each stage of the prospecting process
  • Setting up the tools and integration
  • Navigating step-by-step through the process
  • Testing the flow and process quality audits

Validating your existing databases

You’ve been using databases from many different sources for a while, and things have gotten messy? Or maybe your campaigns didn’t bring the results you expected. Are you looking for new databases – when you actually feel that you didn’t effectively work through the ones you already own?

Let us help you get the most out of your existing databases:

  • Maximizing potential of databases that you already have
  • Validating contacts
  • Email campaign automation
  • CRM integration

I am an attorney at law and Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe (CIPP/E), a member of IAPP – International Association of Privacy Professionals, working in the law firm Czerwień Skotnicka Adwokaci in Kraków, Poland.

I gained my wide experience in different types of markets working with a variety of tech companies, public administration, medical corporations and startups, helping mostly with topics related to GDPR, E-privacy, Copyright, etc.

I started my sales journey in the USA when I had a chance to work for the oldest direct selling company. Thanks to that experience I learned a lot about communication and created a great schedule which helped me lead, recruit and train new salespeople (teams of 15-20 sales reps). As a business Consultancy Volunteer in the Hearty Foundation I started my B2B carrier in 2019. This sales and marketing experience lead me to being a part of the sales team in Infoshare. I took part in building outreach processes and managing meetings with different sales people and directors across CEE. Following that experience I started working with tech startups (like Covve etc) helping them use more of their business potential.
I am a sales consultant with fifteen years of experience, passionate about marketing and Human2Human business relationships. Successfully managed sales teams that generated millions of dollars in revenue within European, North American, Australian, and Asian markets.  I went from personal selling (working with top North American and EU startups and software companies) to advising international IT and tech companies on combining strategic planning and advanced B2B prospecting techniques. I combine business knowledge acquired in both rapidly-growing startups as well as international corporations. I emphasize synergy between all crucial business elements to design processes that help business be more profitable.
With experience in direct sales in the USA (top 5% of sales reps and 3500+ sales presentations) and a passion for dance and animation where I learned discipline and planning, I started my B2B journey.  I first started working with the Hearty Foundation, communicating with Marketing Directors and CSR Heads across the CEE region. This approach and the knowledge gained enabled me to join Infoshare (the biggest Tech conference in CEE) as the first sales team member focusing on B2B outreach and ticket bundle sales to tech company leaders – building the outreach process from scratch, testing all digital outreach channels and leading sales calls helped me deliver over 20% of global ticket sales in 2020.
I gained my B2B sales experience leading outreach, LG and sales activities at STX Next (the largest Python software House in Europe) and Webcon (well-known EU low-code Business Process Automation Platform). My sales history began in the USA where I worked for the country’s oldest direct selling company, leading an organization of sales reps in 3 different states. I received top team awards and the top EU team leader award over two consecutive years.

My name is Oliwia Obielecka and I’m a Sales Specialist at Leżę i Pracuję.

Our company is quite unique... We are a foundation, but a very unusual one. On a daily basis we’re a marketing agency, but in the meantime we’re fighting with the stereotypes about people with physical disabilities. By providing jobs for people with very restricted movements, we lead by example and revolutionise the job market in Poland.

Generating leads is very time consuming, especially among all of the other tasks that we face during our day to day jobs in the organisation. Time is precious and so is the service that can save us the hustle and provide very specific information that we need. Outsourcing this kind of data can at least double the efficiency of the sales team, by getting them straight to their main work focus and providing them a way to the customer.

Before OR’s service our lead generation process didn’t even exist. Leżę i Pracuję didn’t go out to the customer - the customer came to us which indicates that the sales process was restricted by the opportunities that we had to wait for. We have utilised Open Rate’s databases and training on how to conduct email campaigns. Now we don't have to worry about the results since we know that the numbers will eventually work out for us. Sales process is more predictable.

Open Rate’s services have helped us to finally develop our sales process and overall pipeline. It built momentum and strengthened the focus on the customer.

There is no way our company could generate systems that we have right now without the help from outside. It has given us a perfect base for developing our own further strategies, especially accompanied with the emails templates that have worked magic for our communication and outbound sales.

Spending more time on something not related to our already existing clients seemed a little overwhelming. It turned out that instead of spending more time on it - we saved an enormous amount of our sales force’s time. We contacted the right people and initiated sales situations which have incredibly increased our possibilities in the market.

We weren’t really sure if we wanted to spend money from our budget on such a service - smaller companies do not always plan such developments and automation as their first priority. Again - it turned out to be not spending - but investing.

Open rate has been consistent with the check ups, the assistance got our worries and questions answered fast, before any possible problems arise. They were keeping us on the right track to get everything going correctly and prevent any serious, negative outcomes that may occur like landing in the SPAM folder.

Without any hesitation, the service that we have received is worth spreading the word and recommending to the companies that want to have their own fate in their hands. The service fits all the requirements and needs, very well conducted as there is constant information flow, great communication with the client and very relaxed, but motivating atmosphere. Whole collaboration is stress-free - it creates an environment for learning, asking questions and getting all the answers we need.

Oliwia Obielecka
Sales Specialist at Leżę i Pracuję

My name is Grzegorz Borowski and I’m the CEO at Infoshare.

We are the biggest tech conference in Central and Eastern Europe. We are making events dedicated to technology to create a space where you’re able to share experience.

Open Rate built for us the whole outbound sales process with personalized lead generation outreach.

We decided to work with an outside company because of not having enough internal resources. We were ready to open to new markets but we didn’t have time to do it on our own. At first we were a little worried about overlapping the customers and prospects database until we got to know that the whole process is completely personalized.

The main takeaway - not wasting time prospecting. Thanks to the service we gained time to use it more efficiently and were able to open to new countries.

I would recommend the service to other companies.

Grzegorz Borowski
Co-Founder & CEO at Infoshare

My name is Paulina and I am Founder and President of Hearty Foundation. We are helping to fill the new technologies educational gap for marginalized groups (foster care children, people with disabilities, or rural-area children). We didn’t have any experience with lead generation or cold campaigns before. The only thing we needed was to find potential supporters.

Open Rate gave us the whole service - from building the database, setting up the campaigns up to running the meetings. They did an excellent job and delivered even more than we expected. Thanks to our cooperation we established our first B2B relationships but also gained the perspective of how to do it smarter and faster with a well-maintained outbound process. I would recommend Open Rate to others, who would like to grow and find new opportunities outside of the box.

Paulina Wójtowicz
Founder of Hearty Foundation

I am a Founder of Northstar Consulting.

We help tech companies of all sizes increase sales efficiency - we build and optimize sales processes, build B2B strategies, open new markets, build and run teams - in general bring better results in B2B sales activities. (working with such companies like Bolt, Deutsche Telekom (T-mobile), Cisco, Lionbridge, Dotpay, STXNext, Skyrise, Infoshare etc.).

Lead gen is an analytical but crucial part of the sales process. The key in a successful sales approach is to have a synergy between the outreach, qualification/discovery and closing stages. The biggest challenge is that covering all of them by a single person is very time consuming and takes away momentum and efficiency in the work. By outsourcing this to a specialized and experienced team we are able to focus on closing the deals and have very high confidence that the contacts we get and people we meet are perfect fit to our ICP.

Before we started working with OR (including our clients who also outsourced the process here) we had less structured and quite disorganized campaigns. Basically campaigns were launched at hoc which was always too late, there wasn't enough time to get them running and once the results came in, they needed to be canceled because we had to focus on the meetings not research and sendouts. We weren't happy with the setup and we felt that our efficiency went down a lot, we lost the momentum and energy of work when switching between tasks from different stages and in the end this resulted in many mistakes and misunderstandings.

Open Rate shaped the whole campaign process for us - LG, reviews, campaign administration, everyday optimization and outsourcing the same form of our key clients where we are responsible for building the strategy.

As a result of that we definitely got more control over the outreach process. We know what and when to expect which helps us feel more secure especially now in a massively disrupted market.

We did not have enough time to do it ourselves and did not want to build an internal team since we also believed it might take a long time to build dedicated processes, recruiting people, managing and keeping those key specialists and in the end be responsible for keeping track of all the work, optimization, tools and trends that can change quite rapidly.

At first we weren't sure if we can really get quality leads and if larger campaigns would not influence the deliverability (including landing in spam), but after the first few campaigns we were certain that we're in good hands and that we can easily give away the full outbound process without any fears.

It's super comfortable to have a team like that and knowing that everything concerning outbound is covered in the highest quality possible. This not only brings better results in business but also creates a peace of mind state that every business owner needs to have a healthy development.

Every B2B business owner, sales leader or sales expert that would like to focus on his clients not sending emails or scraping data should try this service.

Przemysław Simon Stanisz
Founder and Partner at NorthStar Consulting Group

My name is Sander and I’m Head of Business Development. Before using Open Rate’s services we were struggling, making hundreds of cold calls every single week. My business partners were sceptical about the cold email campaign. They said nobody will reply to this, it is not GDPR compliant and it just won't work.

They were wrong. Now we have a personalized cold email campaign doing all the cold calls for us. We get 10+ inbound leads a week making inquiries and willing to meet with us. We don't need to waste our time on prospecting but focus on selling to companies who are interested in our services.

Sander Aavik
Head of Business Development at vDisain

I am the co-founder & COO at UpSteam. We clean cars where they are parked, using 200x less water than regular car wash. We have a platform which is automating the logistics together with customer app and washer app. We are in the mobility-cleantech industry. Our target market when launching a city is B2C and once we have first traction, then we start onboarding B2Bs who have company cars.

We decided to outsource the lead generation process service because we were opening up to a new market. Local companies didn’t know us but we knew they needed our service. By using Open Rate we were able to build relationships with more companies in a shorter time with better results. I would definitely recommend this service to others!

Valjo Kütt
Co-Founder & COO at UpSteam

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    My name is Robert Mazur and I'm a sales director at Brandmed. As Brandmed we are dedicated to linking medical and clinical experience with marketing and technology in order to increase efficiency in reaching doctors, specialists and patients. We decided to outsource Open Rate’s service to boost the sales pipeline and have everything ready to start a new campaign which saved us tons of time.

    Before using Open Rate’s service we did all research manually and it took a lot of time. Sometimes we couldn't extract information we needed to message the person we picked. What did we get from Open Rate? More time, not wasting it on manual research. Now we can focus on approaching people instead of sharing work time on searching and finding contacts. We achieved what we wanted - more meetings and calls with decision makers.

    We used the service because we haven’t got lead generation processes automated and we wanted to work with somebody who can deliver more sales opportunities faster. We were worrying about the quality of the leads in the beginning of cooperation, but thanks to kick-off we could clarify our expectations. I would recommend other companies to work with Open Rate.

    Robert Mazur
    Head of Sales at Brandmed