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Digital Marketing Case Studies
from OPen rate

Building a stable lead stream with market verefied end to end outreach operations

Northstar Consulting Group

Northstar Consulting Group is a company built by people passionate about doing sales right. Over thousands of sales calls, qualification meetings, follow-ups, and closed deals.

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VRpartments, is a real estate mobile app that allows users to see, walk through and even furnish apartments in VR and 3D on a mobile phone.

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Digit.on specialises in digital transformation of business processes. We’re combining experience in business process optimization with the functionality of modern technologies.

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ThinkFirst is a consulting and growth processes implementation company. Increases process efficiency through digitization and automation.

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Sprzedam Biznes

Sprzedam Biznes specialize in selling businesses in the domestic market. Their services are offered to small and medium-sized companies.

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Askly is a chat support tool with AI automation. It is the ultimate tool for high-quality, multilingual, and automated customer service.

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Skyrise.Tech technology service company where thinkers and doers, enable breakthroughs that help industrial businesses change.

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We decided to outsource the lead generation process service because we were opening up to a new market. Local companies didn’t know us but we knew they needed our service. By using Open Rate we were able to build relationships with more companies in a shorter time with better results. I would definitely recommend this service to others!

Valjo Kütt

Co-Founder & COO at UpSteam

My business partners were sceptical about the cold email campaign. They said nobody will reply to this, it is not GDPR compliant and it just won't work. They were wrong. Now we have a personalized cold email campaign doing all the cold calls for us. We get 10+ inbound leads a week making inquiries and willing to meet with us. We don't need to waste our time on prospecting but focus on selling to companies who are interested in our services.

Sander Aavik

Head of Business Development at vDisain

OpenRate led the entire lead generation process end-to-end so that the only time when our attention was required was actually when there were new leads interested in seeing the demo of our product.

Michael Grubka

Co-founder & CEO at Apropo