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case study

Open Rate developed a comprehensive lead-generation strategy

VRpartments, is a real estate mobile app that allows users to see, walk through and even furnish apartments in VR and 3D on a mobile phone.
VRpartments approached Open Rate with the goal of building a lead generation process from scratch and increasing their business opportunities.


VRpartments had previously relied on word-of-mouth referrals and trade shows for lead generation, but they were looking to expand their reach and generate more leads online. However, they had no experience in Open Rate’s field and were unsure of the best tactics to use. The biggest challenge was to reach out to the right decision makers.


Open Rate worked with VRpartments to develop a comprehensive lead generation strategy. They started by conducting market research to understand the target audience and identify the most effective channels for reaching them.
Together we set up email marketing campaigns to nurture leads and keep them engaged with the brand.


Thanks to the efforts of Open Rate, VRpartments saw a significant increase in leads and business opportunities. As a result they received a steady stream of qualified leads through the email campaigns and LinkedIn approach.
After several weeks of collecting databases, messaging, preparing email campaigns etc. after initial two emails, follow ups, VRpartments had 2-3 weeks fully booked by intro calls with potential customers. More than 50% of customers came from Open Rate.
The lead generation process that Open Rate helped VRpartments to build has become a key part of their business, and they have continued to work with Open Rate to refine and optimize their strategy over time.


Open Rate was able to successfully help VRpartments build a lead generation process from scratch, using a combination of market research, and digital marketing tactics, cold emails outreach and LinkedIn. As a result, VRpartments saw a significant increase in leads and business opportunities, and they have continued to work with Open Rate to further refine and optimize their strategy.

Open Rate in my opinion was one of the best decision. They knew how to do that stuff (outbound and outreach), knowing everything about every little aspect in that field. Strong recommendation. 5 stars!

Dimitri Khlopkov

Co-Founder & CEO at VRpartments
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