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case study

Partnering with Open Rate allowed to achieve all business opportunity goals

Skyrise.Tech technology service company where thinkers and doers, enable breakthroughs that help industrial businesses change.
“Together with our customers, we are building a world where every system, process, and product can be made smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. For this world to unfold, we need diverse people, expertise, and collaboration. By working across industries, together we raise the bar on what a technology service company can do”.


Skyrise faced significant challenges in lead generation, which prompted it to outsource this function. Establishing an in-house team proved to be highly inefficient and time-consuming. Additionally, recruiting the right talent for the job was nearly impossible, hindering our ability to generate leads effectively.


Partnering with Open Rate allowed to achieve all business opportunity goals. Through this collaboration, Skyrise gained valuable insights into professional prospecting services. Initially, Paul was skeptical and concerned that managing a B2B relationship would be challenging, but the results exceeded the expectations.


The initial concerns were unfounded, as the cooperation with Open Rate turned out to be exceptionally professional, seamlessly integrating as an extension of the in-house team. Open Rate proved to be highly beneficial for both initiating and accelerating lead generation processes.


Open Rate has built the process of opening the Polish market for Estonian start-up by using their experience, cold email outreach, phone outreach and LinkedIn. We were able to adjust and change the process, in order to maximize results.

Open Rate is often a first-try for companies from abroad before hiring anyone in Poland.

I decided to outsource lead generation as this is super efficient and helped me focus on closing more deals. Setting up inhouse team was too much trouble. Open Rate can be very helpful for both starting and accelerating lead generation processes.


Chief Customer Success Officer at Skyrise
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