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case study

Open Rate has effectively built the lead generation process

Open Rate has effectively built the lead generation process by using a combination of market research and digital marketing tactics, cold email outreach and LinkedIn. As a result, Think First has experienced a significant increase in leads and new business opportunities.


ThinkFirst is a consulting and growth processes implementation company. Increases process efficiency through digitization and automation. Accelerates gaining market advantage on a solid basis of expertise and business results in the B2B sector. 

Think First was building a channel to reach customers through relationships and recommendations - it consisted of word-of-mouth recommendations and their own outbound activities, but they wanted to expand their reach and generate more sales opportunities, as a result- increase the number of online customers. They had no experience in creating marketing activities, including lead generation, and challenges in choosing tactics in order to reach their target groups.


Comprehensive lead generation strategy was developed and executed by Open Rate. At the beginning, sales and marketing action plan was to identify the most effective channels to reach target groups - HR Directors, Head of Productions & Logistics and CEO from various industries. Later email marketing campaigns were created to attract potential customers and keep them engaged with the brand, leveraging Open Rate's sales experience in conducting meetings.


Throughout almost 2 years of cooperation, Think First received constant access to leads through email and LinkedIn campaigns. After several database creations, sending emails, etc. Over 70% of new sales opportunities came from Open Rate customers. The process of creating leadgen activities has become a key part of the company's operations- complemented this process with calling and Open Rate's sales experience in conducting meetings with clients.

During our cooperation, we were engaged partners at every step, striving to achieve specific business goals through data analysis, great communication and support in customer acquisition processes.

I recommend other companies to use Open Rate services as this is the only way, in my opinion to save the time of key people.

bartek chojecki

Managing Partner at Think First
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