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case study

The collaboration brought impressive results, significantly boosting the visibility and engagement

In a rapidly changing industrial world, finding the right partners can greatly boost a company's market presence and growth. This case study explores OpenRate's successful partnership with Fabryki w Polsce, a program aimed at promoting manufacturing companies in Poland. The main goal of this collaboration was to find and engage manufacturing companies interested in the program, conducting pre-sales activities, and setting up meetings with internal sales representatives.


Fabryki w Polsce aimed to expand its reach and attract many manufacturing companies to its program.

The objectives included:
- Finding potential manufacturing companies for program participation.
- Conducting pre-sales activities to qualify and engage potential participants.
- Arranging meetings with the internal sales team for further discussions.


To achieve these goals, OpenRate used a multi-faceted approach:

- Email Campaigns:
Launched a comprehensive email marketing campaign, sending out 7686 emails. This led to 311 companies expressing interest in the program.

- Calling Campaigns:
Spent 160 hours on calling campaigns, resulting in 488 open conversations with companies. Out of these, 94 showed strong interest in joining the Fabryki w Polsce program.

- LinkedIn Campaigns:
Provided support in creating engaging content and developing targeted LinkedIn campaign databases. This included crafting compelling messages and strategically targeting potential participants.

The main executors of these initiatives were Martyna Czaplicka and Marcin Hoffmann. Their dedication and expertise were key in driving the success of the campaigns.

Beyond the direct marketing and sales activities, OpenRate provides extensive support to Fabryki w Polsce:

- Mentorship and Strategy Meetings: Regular sessions to refine strategies and ensure alignment with overall goals.

- Analytical Reports and Performance Analysis: Detailed reports and analysis to track the effectiveness of campaigns and adjust tactics as needed.

- Content Creation and Communication Support: Assistance in developing high-quality content and improving communication strategies to engage potential participants effectively.


The collaboration brought impressive results, significantly boosting the visibility and engagement of Fabryki w Polsce within the manufacturing sector:
-Increased Participation: The efforts led to many companies showing interest in the program, with 94 firms ready to take the next step towards collaboration.
- Enhanced Brand Visibility: The strategic campaigns and content support helped elevate the brand presence of Fabryki w Polsce, making it a well-known name in the industry.

Companies participating in the Fabryki w Polsce program gained numerous advantages:
- Increased Exposure: Enhanced visibility within the manufacturing industry.
- Networking Opportunities: Access to a network of industry leaders and potential partners.
- Business Growth: Opportunities for significant business growth through targeted program activities and strategic partnerships.


The ongoing partnership between OpenRate and Fabryki w Polsce is further strengthened by the involvement of Simon Stanisz, who has provided additional mentorship and strategic support over the past few months. This collaboration continues to evolve, bringing more innovative strategies and greater success.

OpenRate's collaboration with Fabryki w Polsce shows the power of strategic outreach marketing and dedicated support. By using a well-rounded approach and various channels, OpenRate successfully connected Fabryki w Polsce with many potential participants, driving significant interest and engagement.

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